• April 09-12 , 2020 in MakkahThe conference seeks to develop the standards of professional practice in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering

  • Industrial & Systems Engineering Conference ISECOrganized by SSSIE and sponsored by IEEE



Industrial & Systems Engineering Conference

Industrial & Systems Engineering sssie

Organized by SSSIE and sponsored by IEEE, the Industrial & Systems Engineering Conference (ISEC) will be held in April 09-12 , 2020 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. The conference sheds the light on those who have an interest in Industrial and Systems Engineering field and provides researchers of various categories to share their scientific findings.

The SSSIE aims, through the conference, to spread its mission of “developing standards of professional practice in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering by increasing the awareness level of initial concepts, development, education and training, as well as enhancing scientific and professional communication among the members of the SSSIE”. In addition, the SSSIE aims to provide knowledge about new developments in areas related to the conference tracks to those who have an interest on work at these vital fields.

Conference objectives

– Enhancing Communication among Researchers

– Offering Training Sessions and Workshops

– Calling for Collaboration among public and private sectors

– Providing and Generating Employment Opportunities

– Providing Information about SSSIE

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25/02/2020Conference Proceedings Paper Decision
11/03/2020Final Paper Due
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09-10/04/2020Training Workshops
11-12/04/2020Main Conference

Conference Tracks, Workshops, and Training Sessions

The conference offers researchers an opportunity to present their scientific contributions within the selected tracks by oral presentations or posters of their research findings. Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore . Conference activities will include capstone project poster competition, where the best three posters will win prizes and certificates. Students are requested to follow “Poster Submission Guidelines” in order to participate. In addition, the conference will be accompanied by many training events and workshops offered by distinguished trainers to contribute in preparing participants and attendees to reach an advanced engineering level and to keep pace with the practical development in the field of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Conference Tracks:

Manufacturing and Supply Chain
Maintenance, Quality and Reliability
Systems Engineering
Human Factors and Work Study
Simulation and Stochastic Analysis
Operations Research and Optimization
Social and Environmental Issues and Engineering Solutions
Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship
Data and Business Analytics
Sustainability and Industry 4.0
Engineering Education and Training

Abstract SubmissionCapstone Project SubmissionDownload Submission Guidelines

Schedule of conference Training Workshops

RegistrationfeesDurationtimingDateBrief description about the session Name Session Name
RegistrationCertificate 50 SAR5 / hours16:30
2020-04-09An introductory workshop on the culture of continuous improvement (Kaizen) and LEAN system. It aims to raise the awareness about the importance of continuous improvement and how it affected the successful Japanese organizations such as Toyota. In addition,
the workshop aims to enhance attendees’ skill of identifying and treating waste witnessed in their daily operations.
Omar AlandejaniKaizen Methodology and Lean System
RegistrationCertificate 50 SAR2 / hours10:00
2020-04-09Approximate algorithms tools that provide solutions to real-world optimization problems across a wide range of applications despite their complexity and potential uncertainty. Approximate algorithms can provide good (though not necessarily ideal) solutions at a time that is appropriate to requirements, other than traditional mathematical methods. The algorithms are designed to guarantee the given quality solutions based on the worst-case analysis. In the workshop we will present a summary of the main techniques of approximate algorithms, as well as an insight into some real-world examples of their solutions.Haneen AlgethamiOptimization, Heuristics & Approximate Algorithms
RegistrationCertificate 50 SAR4 / hours10:00
2020-04-09Definition of concepts, types and characteristics of people with intellectual disability
Training in teaching methods and preparing lessons for people with intellectual disabilities
Training to conduct a case study for intellectually disabled child
Rehabilitation and employment of people with special needs
Dr. Raba A. AmerTeaching Strategies for People with Intellectual Disabilities
RegistrationCertificate 50 SAR3 / hours13:00
2020-04-09This workshop will cover:
The concept of standardization
The three pillars of quality infrastructure in detail
The difference between organizational excellence and standard specifications
Example of organizational excellence models
Recommendations to improve and develop participants’ knowledge in the field of quality and organizational excellence
Dr. Ahmed B. BaBaderIntroduction to Quality and Organizational Excellence
Registrationرسوم حضور الدورة 250 ريال و سيتم إصدار شهادات من IEEETwo days / 5 / hours16:30
The workshop will be held in Arabic and certificates will be issued from IEEE headquarters. Topics covered include:
Definition of writing
Communication Techniques
Written communications
Effective writing and organizing method
Writing system
Organizing and introductory planning
Design reports
Writing the first draft
The first review process
The final review process
Dr. Hafidh Salman AlsamarraiThe Writing System for Engineers and Scientists
Registrationرسوم حضور الدورة 300 ريالTwo days / 5 / hours16:30
The session discusses the essence of social networks on the internet, which are used for communication and interaction purposes. Besides that, the session presents a brief explanation regarding the concept of data mining, which is a very significant field that has become widespread in the past 10 years. Data mining combines a couple of fields from other specializations such as: machine learning, statistics, pattern recognition, databases as well as others in order to extract information from data repositories (DW). The objective of the process is to extract data in a scientific and correct way to be used in data analysis.
Dr. Jalal AlowibdiData Mining & Analysis of Social Networks
RegistrationCertificate 50 SAR3 / hours10:00
2020-04-09Strategy Introduction
Strategic Position, Strategic Choices, Strategic implementation
PESTEL Analysis
Industry & Sector Analysis
Stakeholder & Governance
History & Culture
Resource & Capabilities
Business strategy
Corporate strategy
International Strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy & Operational Excellence
Kamal Ahmad AlrefaiBlue Ocean Strategy & Operational Excellence

Conference Venue

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